Icelandic Rehearsal


Rehersal space for bands

Why use IRS?

TÞM has been open from the year 2003 as a center for artistic information, education and creativity in music There thousands of musicians have had a place for their creative output. The property at Hólmaslóð 2 is suitable for rehearsals (loud or not) because of its size and location. Its located in an industrial sector of Reykjavík and totals to around 1200 sq.m. floor space. The bus stops just on the corner right outside the house and there are wide selection of bars, food and entertainment in the Grandi area.



Rehersal space for bands

Two bands share a 40sq.m room.
Price kr. 35.000


Rehersal space for drummers

Spaces for individual artists.
Price Kr. 20.000


Temporary rehersal space 

Space for single rehearsals and short term projects in the Cave, TÞM’s concert hall. Suites almost all arts such as music, dancing and theater. We can supply PA system, drumset & amplifiers if needed.

Price: Basic price 5000 kr. Agreement.


Images from the rehersal space and the general athmosphere

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Hólmaslóð 2
101 Reykjavík


E mails: 

Daniel : tel: +354-8243001
Þór : tel: +354-824-3002

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Opening hours

Winter open:
mon – fri:
18:00 – 24:00
sat – sun: 16:00 – 24:00

Summer open:
– fri: 18:00 – 24:00
sat – sun: 18:00 – 24:00